MoE – Master of Elements

Developing your magical skills is more fun than ever. Achieve higher ranks in the four magic schools to improve your mastery of the element powers of fire, ice, air and earth. Your goal is to create longer reaction chains. Each higher level of chain gives you more points. By triggering the magical orbs, you could release the power of the elements and keep the chains going strong.

At higher ranks you have access to stronger elemental magic. But don’t be in a hurry to get there. A novice can sometimes beat a master. Balance your skill development and gain ranks through fun!

* Collect gems and precious fragments as you play.
* Customize your magic wand with powerful gems.
* Blast, zap, and crush with the power of the elements.

* Rise from lowly novice to grandmaster in each of the four schools of magic.
* Keep on playing after you have gained the highest ranks. The competition has just started!
* Challenge your friends and vie for supremacy at the Grandmaster’s Tower.
* Earn Game Center achievements, become a Chain Legend!

* Dazzling graphics optimized for retina display with iPhone 5 widescreen support.
* Listen to the game’s soundtracks or keep your favorite music on while you play.

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