MobileWoW TiLT Mobile Gaming Controller for World of Warcraft

5 Day Sale!

We’ve updated the controls!!! v. 1.6!!!

Your Gaming, Redefined. A Never-Before-Seen Interactive, Gyroscope and Accellerometer-Enabled Gaming Controller for World of Warcraft , WoW , Starcraft , SC2 or ANY other PC / MAC Game!

ENJOY: iPhone & iPad TILT controls to MOVE your character – for World of Warcraft , WoW or any other PC / MAC game AND use the TOUCHSCREEN Mousepad & Hotkey Keypad to SLAY in a BRAND NEW WAY. For BOTH (PC & MAC).


– 6-AXIS TiLT Controls for Character Movement
– Touchscreen Mousepad Tap-to-Click
– On-Screen Keypad for Hotkeys
– ‘CHAT’ Feature with Full Keyboard
– Fit Your Player Personality with Customizable Keys & TiLT Features
– No Battle.NET Login Required
– WiFi Connectivity so App Works with ANY PC / MAC on a WiFi Network
– No Bluetooth Required, No Interference
– Super Fast Keystrokes Feels Like Hardwired
– Great for World of Warcraft , WoW , Starcraft , SC2


– Download the FREE Desktop Client @:
– You Will Need it
– Email Support (On Setup Guide Section of App)
– Before Posting any Confused Reviews, Shoot us an Email & We’ll Resolve the Issue Immediately.
– Works off WiFi – ANY PC / MAC on WiFi – Setup Guide (On App Home Screen)
– Walks you Through the Process
– Works great with World of Warcraft , Starcraft , WoW , SC2 , Sim City

For more info on specific features, or to send feedback or request help, please visit (The App Store doesn’t forward reviews to developers, so that’s not a good way to send bug reports or feature requests)
Recommended for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, WoW, Starcraft, SC2, Halflife, HalfLife2, Half-Life, Guild Wars, Myst, SimCity, SimCity2, other Blizzard Entertainment titles and various other titles. This app version is optimized for World of Warcraft and the like.

Legal Notice / Disclaimer

World of Warcraft™ and Blizzard Entertainment are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The materials, logos, and images of World of Warcraft™ are copyright Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. This application is not associated or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment or the Mobile Armory.

This application does not copy any portion of the game, nor does it contain any screenshots of the game. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of “fair use”.

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