Mobile Linebacker

The best in football action brought to you by VIVA Vision and VODA digital is now here! Buy now and receive the introductory sale price!

In the game of football offense may win games, but defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS!! Finally, a game where YOU can unleash your inner linebacker to dismantle the offense and blast running backs! Start your own hit parade! Mobile Linebacker is trench warfare at its finest!

Want to know what it feels like to play defense and deliver hits you’ll never forget? Experience it now on your iPhone! Wreak havoc on opposing offenses as a premier pro football linebacker DOMINATING IN THE TRENCHES! Shut down the run game and rag-doll the running back by shooting through gaps and crushing offensive lineman. Build your backer into a tackling machine! It’s time to BRING THE PAIN!

Choose from 3 linebackers working out in the gym. Each character is a different size, with corresponding strength, agility, speed and tackling ability. You can boost your player’s attributes and advance your career with dominant play, collecting money to suit up with new gear.

After you select a linebacker, get him over to the equipment room to gear up for BATTLE! He comes with the basics, but you can customize him with awesome equipment that will raise your player’s abilities and his cool factor. If you can’t afford it, get back on the gridiron and crush some dreams to earn more money and unlock gear!

Yeah, we’re talking about practice! But PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, ROOKIE! Hone your skills against blocking and tackling dummies so when it’s game time you have full control of your beast to terrorize the offense!

Want to prove you’re the best run-stopper in the League? Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s your chance! Dominate the line of scrimmage and form your own impenetrable wall of defense as the leader of your unit. You’re the heart of the defense—it’s your job to stop the offense from scoring, delivering punishment to whoever gets in your way. Read the formations and launch your player into action. The offense will switch formations, change blocking patterns, slow down and speed up to try to stop you from making the play. Don’t let them! Your job is to introduce the ball carrier to the baddest linebacker the world has ever seen—you! Impose your will and make them pay for bringing that weak stuff to your house! …Now GO HIT SOMEBODY!!


Developed by VIVA Vision Inc and VODA digital LLC

Published by VODA digital LLC

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