MobiDic – Improve your vocabulary

Warning: This is not a common dictionary!

This dictionary is YOURS.

You want to improve in foreign languages.

You read newspapers and books in foreign languages.
You watch movies and listen to songs in foreign languages.

You want to learn the words you read and hear.

ModiDic has been created for you.

MobiDic helps you to FIND translations with Wiktionary the famous multilingual, online dictionary.

MobiDic helps you to ADD definitions with only one touch: enter a word in foreign language, click and you are done!
(available to/from English from/to Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, Greek, Italian, Japenese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish)

MobiDic helps you to LEARN definitions of your dictionaries through several GAMES: the HANGMAN game, the QUIZ game and the JAMBLE game.

Note: MobiDic has no included OFFLINE dictionaries.
Note: The one-touch definition adding feature relies on ©
Note: MobiDic does not officially support the Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese alphabets

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