Year 2033, X-Metal was found on Mars.
Year 2040, AI-based robots were made in X-Metal.
Year 2050, number of AI-Robots grew over 1 billion. Some scientists expressed deep concerns about these robots’ “minds”.
Year 2052, one AI-Robot set himself free, and was later-on named “The X-BOT”. Sooner than expected, more X-Bots became rebels and controlled some cities around the world. It’s the X-Metal Year Zero, starting the Era of X-Metal War.
X-Metal Year 1, human armies were defeated by X-Bots 7 times in a row. Many concentration camps were built to rule human beings.
X-Metal Year 3, after 49 days of deadly defending without aids, Corp 3 of UN AMRY was down to very last man. It’s the “Golden Drops Battle” in history.
X-Metal Year 4, Corp 4, 5, 6 and 9 of UN ARMY formed the biggest military force of mankind, and fought X-Bots at Afro-Asian mainland junction. The battle lasted 3 months, ended with human beings’ complete failure against X-Bots. It’s the “Battle of Titans” in history.
X-Metal Year 6, human gave up entire Eurasia and Africa to X-Bots. Meanwhile, a super secret plan named “Mobi-X” started, under cover of a small airport in LA, USA …

==== Welcome to the world of Mobi-X ====

“Mobi-X” is a series of mobile shooting games, featuring some fully-armed super-cars.

This is just the “trailer” of Mobi-X serial. After “Mobi-X: Run-in”, you will soon find “Mobi-X1: Born In Chaos”, “Mobi-X2: Dark Falls”, “Mobi-X3: Far-off Galaxy”, as well as “World of Mobi-X: The Crown”.

Please, please help the Mobi-X Engineering Team by telling us what you liked or hated playing “Run-in”!

“Mobi-X1: Born In Chaos” will adopt some of your suggestions, enhance functionalities, add PvP features like Base Camps & Attacks. With much more guns and equipments to choose from, much more types of X-Bots to take down, you will be amazed how joyful riding Mobi-X1 is!

Your support is our X-Force…

Note: By ranking TOP50 @ Simulated Field #4 in “Mobi-X: Run In”, you will win a very special weapon to equip your “Mobi-X1″, when she’s done building. Complete a survey for us will grant you a nice gift too!

Now, fuel-tank is full, let’s get the X-Engine roaring…

[Proudly built by N2 STUDIO]

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