Mobi Pizza

Order Now Available for the Tucson, AZ area! Craving pizza after all that pizza making, satisfy those cravings by building your pizza order. (Sending orders directly to Pizzerias coming soon!)

Top 10 ranked Simulation and Family Games are still available in this version. Take the Pizzeria Challenge–keep your pizzeria in business–on all your iOS devices! or Create, Bake, Eat and Share custom pizzas!

Taking the Pizzeria Challenge:
How many days can you keep your pizzeria in business? It’s a race against time to earn enough Mobi Money by filling pizza orders to keep your pizzeria in business which cost $100 of Mobi Money per day. The more days that you stay in business the more difficult it gets. You can earn bonus Mobi Money for each pizza if you purchase the additional topping packages.

Creating Pizzas:
Turn on your iPad and be transported to a pizzeria kitchen. You are in control of the pizzeria and your imagination is the start to a great pizza making adventure! Choose your favorite dough and spread rich tomato sauce or an inviting pesto. Do you like cheese on your pizza? You can add as much cheese as you like from 5 different types! Mix and match 26 classic pizza toppings so real they make your taste buds tingle. Our brick oven does the baking for you. Slice the pizza into triangles, squares or not at all. Save a photo, share on Facebook or email your friends the pizza you are enjoying! An order form conveniently records all your selections for easy ordering from your favorite local pizzeria. Mobi Pizza is a customizable, interactive, and engaging game that is fun for all ages. Have a baked pizza that isn’t perfect for you? You can always navigate back to a previous screen and make adjusts so your pizza is the way you want it. Are you a vegetarian that doesn’t want to see meat? Just select Yes for the Vegetarian Setting.

If your a Pizzeria owner and would like to add your restaurant to Mobi Pizza, please visit our website and click on the “Pizzeria” tab on the top banner.

New toppings and selections will continue to be added. Want to request a special topping? Just visit us on Facebook and share your request, feedback, or question

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