Mo' Memory

Finally there is a way to upgrade your own memory that does not require brain implants!

Mo’ Memory is a unique FREE memory game in which you never play alone. Measure your brain power by competing against your friends or strangers through game center, or try to beat the highscore against a realistic virtual opponent.

Mo’ Memory is fun and challenging for gamers of any age and includes 6 different levels ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard.


* 3 unique themes designed to keep you sharp and focused (4 more in full version)
* A human-like computer opponent that will grow with you to remain challenging
* Game Center support for Leaderboard and Achievements
* Multi player mode! Play against other gamers all over the world
* HD graphics on devices with a retina display (and suitable for 2x mode on iPads)
* No ads in multi player mode

The free version is fully functional, but you can unlock the full version to unlock 4 more themes and remove the ads.

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