Enjoy this FREE multi-player MMA browser game for the iPhone. Start off as an average guy or gal MMA fighter, and then work your way up to the TITLE. Invite your friends, join gyms, train, and so much more. Buy GEAR from the shop & visit the cut-man. Get MMA points to gain an edge and advantage. Do you have what it takes? Do you want to be the champion? Lets find out…

– Train to earn EXP & attribute points.
– FREE updates with new training and gear.
– Join GYMS, buy a GYM and invite friends to join yours.
– Get in the cage to fight other MMA fighters online in real time.
– Enter ZIP CODE to fight local MMA fighters in your area or choose a city.
– MMA POINTS will help you get an edge & advantage over other MMA fighters.
– Stats screen lets you see your stats, fans, & much more.
– Work on every-day jobs to earn extra cash.
– Visit the LEADERBOARD to see where you stand & rank.
– Build a fan base for extra cash via facebook.

This is an online game. You must be connected to the internet in order to play.

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