Missy Mila's Twisted Tales Free

Hi there! It’s me, Mila!

Great news – from now on, you don’t need to carry my books with you! You can read my stories on your parents’ iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Hi! MILA here! Remember me? I’m the one who likes telling stories from all around the world. Here you’ll find five phantasmagorical tales to read – either by yourself or with your parents. From beautiful princesses to terriforrible wizards, mini-kings to maxi-monsters, and pop stars to sweetie sellers, you’ll soon know all there is to know!

Each story is like a beautifully illustrated book, with an interactive quiz to do once you’ve finished.

Scroll through the text and the images to read the stories. Touch the little ladybird to get to the menu screen.

My first story, « The hidden princess », is included free with this application.
The four other stories are available for 0,79 € for one story or 2,39 € for four stories.

The stories

• Baba Yaga
In whose terrible lair is little Natasha imprisoned? It looks like Baba Yaga’s…

• The Toupouloupou
Who is this monster that lives in a labyrinth and eats human flesh? It’s the Toupouloupou, mini-king Minus’s maxi-monster. Everyone’s afraid of him. Everyone, that is, except brave Cyprien…

• Elvis
When Elvis finds an electric guitar lying on the road, he thinks that all his dreams have come true. But becoming a star is not that easy when you’re a donkey!

• The cow and the rabbit
All the forest animals buy their sweets at Babin the rabbit’s shop. But then Ruby the cow comes along and opens up a new shop. Babin is afraid he’ll lose all his customers… Might he be just a little bit jealous?

• The hidden princess
Once upon a time there was a king who didn’t want his daughter to get married. So he decided to hide her deep inside the palace, where no-one would be able to find her…

4 years +

You can also find Mila on http://www.missymila.com

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