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Mission ImPASTAble is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Mission Impastable Review

Human secret agents have it pretty easy. They only have to deal with super-villains, pits full of alligators on fire, and weapons that can blow up the moon. Secret agents who are made out of ground beef fear the things we stuff in our face, like garlic toast and pizza.

Mission Impastable is a survival-twitch game that throws a meaty agent into an eternal zipcord descent between two buildings. By tapping or tilting the iPhone or iPod Touch, you cause the agent to flip sides. The point of the game is to basically make your meatball friend switch sides as necessary in order to collect pieces of macaroni and avoid the hazards that can splatter on either building at any time, including toast, pizza, and other foodstuffs.

Macaroni worth risking your life over.

A ceiling of fire constantly lowers with the agent, and as you collect more macaroni, you rack up points and gain speed. If you slip up and land in some food, you lose macaroni pieces, slow down, and inch closer to the mercy of the flame-ceiling.

True to most survival games, there’s not much depth to Mission Impastable. It’s not badly put together, but it’s difficult to recommend because there are so many like it on the App Store. The game does have a few neat features, like leaderboards, achievements, difficultly levels, and different modes of play, but it all amounts to helping a meatball fall down a building properly.

Again, it’s difficult to recommend Mission Impastable, but it’s definitely a cute little game with a fun hero. If you’ve conquered several on-the-path survival games and absolutely must have another, this one will keep you busy for a time. Just don’t expect to be engaged for longer than half an hour.

However, if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, do expect to have flashbacks to the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show whenever you play Mission Impastable. Oh, you’ll try to block them out, but we assure you: It’s im-pasta-bowl.