Missing Melody

When all seems to be lost for die hard retro collectors, an unknown manager appeared and formed contracts with high school potential candidates.

The contract allows them to transform into magical idols, and grants them with power to fulfill their one wish…

To reclaim all the (would be) destroyed CDs and vinyl throughout the lands and save the retro music industries from its downfall.

Missing Melody is a simple yet entertaining parody game where you run around jumping, attacking and even sliding to get your way through various obstacles, all the while, keeping your eyes open to look for more CDs to collect.

As you go through the game, you’ll come across various power-ups ranging from doubling the score to even an amazing temporary invincibility!

If the game start to get a bit tedious, why not try poking around or do something different? Who knows, you might even achieve something surprising!?


– Jump to avoid falling to on the gap and to jump over the obstacles
– Attack the obstables to destroy it before you collide
– Slide down to get pass the hanging wall
– Collect the CDs, Powerups and beat the highscore.


– Universal App! Play it on both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad!
– Retina Graphics
– Three cute characters
– Fun endless gameplay
– Famicom style music and sound effects
– Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements!
– Post your score via Twitter
– Three types of control scheme, select your favorite in option menu.
– Everything is included, no extra DLC!

Twitter: @myice92ios

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