MirriM is a mind bending tile game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is guaranteed for hours of torturous fun. The object of MirriM is to get all tiles within all four panels back to their original positions. Seems easy right? Think again… every time you make a move in one panel, that move is “mirrored” in the vertical and horizontal panels. Reminiscent of the 80’s cube puzzle. See for yourself…

3 play modes. Classic, where you are simply trying to get the colors back into their original rows. Advanced, where the tiles change color based on their position and you need to return the entire board to green. And picture mode, where you can select a picture from your library or take one with your camera and MirriM will chop and scramble that picture.

With sub-modes and helper options (row locking and helper arrows) the variation in play is unlimited. And there is more to come.

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