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Minute To Win It is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Minute To Win It Review

If you’ve seen the NBC game show Minute To Win It, it won’t surprise you that the iOS game based on the show is a mini-game collection. What might surprise you, since Capcom made the game, is that it’s a glitchy, slipshod cash-in.

The 10 mini-games included here have you do things like flick balls into baskets, hang closet hangers on each other without letting them slip, and drop colored candies into like-colored cups. This is the type of stuff the contestants do on the game show, but here you’re expected to do them with barely-passable controls and ugly polygonal graphics. And don’t be surprised if half the balls you toss toward the baskets disappear in midair.

Delicious floating candies.

Minute To Win It offers two modes: you can play through the game show or tackle the mini-games one by one. In the game show mode, you’re awarded fake money for progressing through one mini-game after another. If you fail three times– and unless you’ve wasted a lot of time practicing, you’ll fail a lot more than that– you have to start over from the beginning. Playing the mini-games one by one is more palatable, but still a long way from fun. Local multiplayer is included, but you won’t want to subject your family or friends to this boring, frustrating mess.

Regardless of whether you enjoy Minute To Win It on TV, don’t be fooled into buying this version. If the Nintendo 64-era graphics don’t ruin the game for you, the hopeless controls will and glitchy mini-games will.