MiniTown turns to be Green Spring! ^_^

MiniTown is a social network game, where you can rule and flourish your own floating island with your friends.
From an empty island to a metropolitan all in the air, only “sky” is your limit, with more than 100 buildings, 200 decorations available, unlocking along your way to become city tycoon.
Besides all, there are full of new features for you to explore.
•A research center is the place to maximize your ruling effort.
•Goods Carrier ships brings more resources
•On every upcoming holidays, special island items is up for grab and celebrate for
•It is always best fun to play with your friend or others nearby
Remember you are the creator of new world in the sky, so be responsible and be creative

Over 100 buildings and decorations
Over 30 unique look of citizen living in your MiniTown
Farming different crops and order shipments to receive goods
Over 50 types of products and jobs at your command
Supply your MiniTown and progress through 40 levels
Interact with friends to speed up level progress
V1.22 Updates

Added 3 more upgradeable buildings
Added Lunar New Year decorations
In Game news updates
V1.21 Updates

Bugs Fixes, Improved performance
You will receive +1 Gem every time you level up
In Game news
Help and informations

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