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If I were the king of MiniStar, I would build my star into the most prosperous one, and my people could live in peace and prosperity; I would frequently pay visits and exchange goods with friends from other stars.
I would…
In Mini Star, we will realize all your dreams. Now, lead your people to build your dream star.

•Adorable and cute graphics
•5 categories and 100 featured buildings for you to customize your star
•Socialize with friends: share your moments, challenge your rivals, and build your reputation
•Use followers to fight against monsters from outer-space and earn rewards and miracle pieces (to activate powerful skills)
•Legendary heroes: power up your heroes by upgrading buildings and sites; earn experience through fights with other players; acquire unique skills by collecting miracle pieces
•Rank your scores against players from all over the world
Many more interesting items await you in Mini Star. Get ready to explore!


迷你星球(Mini Star)



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