Minimal Games: New 10in1 Game

Minimal Games is a collection of several classic games with creative minimalist design.
Presents many challenges where the player must figure out how to play.
Download and always get new games for your enjoyment!


- Mini Basket
- Mini Pool (inspired by the classic 8ball game / Sinuca)
- Asteroid I (inspired by the classic Asteroids game)
- Badminton (shuttlecock / Peteca / 毽)
- Kick-ups (freestyle soccer / Keepie Uppie / Embaixadinha)
- Simon Says (a classic memory game Genius)
- Sprinter (100 meters / Corrida)
- Sliding Puzzle
- Boxing (Punching Ball)
- Snake (inspired by the classic Snake game / Cobra)
- Archery (arco e flecha)
- Tic Tac Toe 2 Player (jogo da velha)

Simple fun free games for mobile.

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