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MiniGame Paradise is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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MiniGame Paradise Review

Minigame collections can be tough to sell. As opposed to “full” games, they rely on each minigame to be a bite-sized portion of content that’s good in its own right. MiniGame Paradise is a collection of minigames that tries to go a step further and create a cohesive feel by including things like unlockables, different playable characters, and even some RPG elements. Ultimately, however, these serve only as distractions from what is essentially a repetitive game.

Upon first playing MiniGame Paradise, you’ll see two available minigames and the hint of eight more. But even when you unlock all 10, you’ll notice that the minigames are all very similar. You always tap on the screen in order to move your character through the level, and each game relies on one simple mechanic. For example, in one game, you tap the screen to change the direction your character is running, so that he doesn’t hit the edges of a zigzag-shaped track. The goal of each minigame is to earn the highest score, so you’re always trying to stay alive for as long as possible.

To unlock additional games, you have to find stars scattered throughout each minigame– these act as the game’s currency, but don’t add to your score. Of course, you can also buy stars with actual money through in-app purchase.

The race is on.

When you begin, you can play using Bunny, a friendly little character and mascot for the game, but the game offers several unlockable characters you can use instead. These characters have more importance than you might think. MiniGame Paradise offers an unexpected Tomagachi-like simulator that you can place your character in to improve his or her stats. Your character’s environment is filled with items. Some he might simply play with, while others will allow him to exercise in order to gain a performance boost. The more you grow your character, the better he will perform in the minigames.

The game is also filled with a variety of cute animal characters. Some will be your allies, while others will be obstacles. Often, if your character bumps into one, it’s game over. The kids will love the animals and the vibrant environments.

When it comes to the gameplay, though, it’s easy to get bored. The games are repetitive, and you often have to play over and over in order to earn enough stars to unlock a new game. This begins a vicious cycle of playing dull games so that you might unlock a new game, which leads to more boring gameplay.

While we applaud Com2us’s ingenuity for including RPG elements and an animal-care sim in a collection of mini games, MiniGame Paradise doesn’t focus enough on the actual minigames. The games are too simple, too repetitive, and too few. With the animal characters, the kids might love this, but even casual adult gamers will find this less than challenging.