Mini-Top Football

========= MINI-TOP FOOTBALL =========

A simple, strategic, and fast-paced Soccer game for the iPhone!

Prove you are a Football Pro by winning 16 (+1 bonus) levels of increasingly difficult opponents!

Mini-Top Football has been designed on two principles. Football is ‘fun’ and should require ‘strategy’ to win! You can even use this game to form the basis of your own Football skills by watching the strategies used! The 17 levels of increasingly stronger opponents require you to make on-the-fly tactical changes to give your team the winning edge! But also be aware of the opposing team’s all-star players so you can properly defend!

============== QUOTES ==============

“I love leading my team to Victory, knowing full well they would lose without my leadership!”
– Edward Vint – DJ “The Peak” Radio Station

“Each challenge brings smarter and more difficult opponents, I love the progression of increasingly intelligent opponents!”

The level of Artificial Intelligence and Strategy is simply amazing. I can use the wings, use direct-attacking, or even slow patient build-up. It’s almost as if I’m the brains for my team.”

============= CONTROLS =============

Use the joystick on the bottom left to move your player. Tap the screen to pass or shoot!

============= FEATURES =============

▪ Master 16 Levels of Increasing Difficulty!
▪ Strategically Plan your Team’s Tactics!
▪ Command 4 Specially Skilled Teams!
▪ New: “Bonus Level” – Control the Ultimate Superstar!
▪ Save Coins to Purchase Team Upgrades!
▪ Enhanced Artificial Intelligence – Skills, Attributes, and Decisions!

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