Mini Passball

Year-ends-and-New-Year-holidays special special price sales determination!
I sell at a lucky bag price by the price range lowered one rank by the limited time offer from today to the 10th of early next year.
In a direction, purchase before should play in at this winter vacatio

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Since it is a limited time offer, those who purchased iphone4S need to try right or wrong once!

This game is japanese old kajinogeme 「pachinko」.very famaus japanese retro game ! Let’s Try on!!
Updated! Retorogemumyujiamushirizu, ipad2 launch! Offers Extended by popular demand in!
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「Retro Game Museum」
And remember the mini-pass game? Now it’s available as an ecology-friendly game that doesn’t use much power.

Mini-pass Ball was an arcade game released by in 1977.
It is a mini size of the game Pass Ball which had good sales at the time, and it took was often seen in the store.

★How to play
First, put the ball on the highest rail by flicking the lever.
Next, when you tip the rail by dragging the dial-control, and put the ball in the hole at the end of the rail, the ball will drop down to the next rail.
To pass the game, get the ball form the upper hole and into the prize hole, on the lowest rail.
There is also a special ‘lucky prize’ that lets you clear the whole game.

★The old-school sweets shop collection
You can get a ticket if you succeed at the game.
The tickets can be used to buy things like candy we remember from childhood.
There are a total of ten types of items. If you pass a special task, you will be able to buy a special item.
Can you collect everything?

★★The Retro Game Museum series is now on sale.★★
・Mt Adventure
・The Chatter-Parrot

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