Mini Minute

From Airy Labs, acclaimed developer of the best and most fun social learning games in the world…

Defend your stonehenge base and have fun shooting monsters while learning to tell time! Shoot the incoming enemies that approach your center fort. Your protection against the enemies is to aim your cannons positioned in a “Clock” formation.

Try to defeat your enemies with the fewest shots to get a high score. Watch out – as you reach higher levels, the enemies come faster and faster!


– Aim your cannons by moving the Clock’s hour and minute sliders into the correct position
– Press the “Shoot” button to shoot cannonballs toward the enemies
– Aim at the purple enemies with the Clock’s hour-hand
– Target the blue enemies with the Clock’s minute-hand.
– At higher levels, shoot both the purple and blue enemies together to achieve a high score

There are four game modes to test your abilities

– Time Trouble: Test reading hour and minute by shooting both blue and purple enemies
– Hour Power: Learn to read hours by targeting purple enemies only (in-app-purchase required)
– Minute Madness: Learn to read minutes by targeting blue enemies only (in-app-purchase required)
– Drag’n Clock: Practice moving hour and minute hands into the correct position (in-app-purchase required)

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