Minesweeper Victory

You can play minesweeper which everyone was enthusiastic in PC!

Let’s open all the other cells without going through a mine!
Game “Minesweeper” familiar can play for free!

Let’s enjoy the Minesweeper!!

*** FEATURES ***
• 6 kinds of game modes!
– Easy (9×9) /Normal (16×16) /Hard (16×30)
– Training…For beginners!!
– Fit…Fit the screen!!
– Custom…You can arrang freely.
• There are three types of flag placement!
– Tap and hold
– Flag mode
(Tap the flag button/Tap a empty cell)
– Flick down to flagged
• Cell size (Small/Large)
• High scores (Each mode)
• Continue
• Sound effect
• Open around cell…Help you to open the cells efficiently.
• Open start…It’s very easy! a part of cell is open from the beginning.
• Auto Flag….This option helps put a flag.
• Long Tap Sec….You can set times for long tap.
• ? question mark
• Help

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
If you uncover all cells exclude mines, you’ll win.
If you uncorver the mine, game is over.
The numbered cell tells the number of mines in the 8 squares adjacent to each other.

*** REQUEST ***
If you are unable to launch the application after downloading or updating, please reboot your device or re-install the application. Please note that when re-installing, your score will be deleted.
When reporting a defect, please provide the make of your model, your OS, and the game’s title.

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