Minesweeper Super! Free

Minesweeper Super! is the fastest minesweeper on iPhone OS. This is the free version.
The object of Minesweeper Super! is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them.

– Control with two hands (The fastest minesweeper on iPhone OS)
– Position view
– Adjustable square size
– Pinch to zoom
– Global and local leaderboards
– Play in the Stage Mode (only in Minesweeper Super!)
– 10 stages (The full version has 40 stages. You can upgrade the free version to full version via In-App-Purchase.)
– Once you finished a stage, you will unlock one of the OpenFeint Achievements and win some Feint Points
– 6 themes

– Tap a square to clear it
– Tap and hold the left button and tap a square to drop a flag
– Tap a numbered square next to that many flags to clear the rest

Video of the full version:

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