Minesweeper, no guess

“Minesweeper, no guess” is beyond “just another Minesweeper”!

In classic Minesweeper, you may need guess or depend on luck even you have dug all but the last one mine, it is fairly frustrated and painful if your finally bet is a mine in this situation.

With “Minesweeper, no guess”, you need not guess any more, the board is always unique and solvable.
No frustrations, no pain, just enjoy digging!

Operation is also extremely simple in “Minesweeper, no guess”, just do “tap to dig, long-press to flag”. To make operation ever faster, besides normal “dig” mode, there have two additional modes: “flag” and “question” which slightly redefines “tap” behavior to accelerate these two operations.

You can also find useful educational material in instruction page, with the theory in head and more practices by hand you would be able to become an expert very soon!

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