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Tired of mindless button pushing? Want to actually challenge and work on your brain?

How to Play:
You have a grid of covered squares, some of which contain mines, but you don’t know which. Your job is to uncover every square which does not contain a mine. If you uncover a square containing a mine, you lose. If you uncover a square which does not contain a mine, you are told how many mines are contained within the eight surrounding squares.

This game, also known as “Minesweeper”, needs no introduction. It is perhaps the single best known desktop puzzle game in existence.

This version of it has an unusual property. By default, it will generate its mine positions in such a way as to ensure that you never need to guess where a mine is: you will always be able to deduce it somehow. So you will never, as can happen in other versions, get to the last four squares and discover that there are two mines left but you have no way of knowing for sure where they are.

+ Customize the difficulty to suit your level.
+ Can’t get the solution? Hit the solve button and get the answer.

Download the game now for free!

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