MinerMo is a classic level playing game MinerMo is pursued by two robbers and starts with 5 lives.
The goal is to achieve the highest score in the high score list by grabbing as many precious collectables as possible.
Stack of coal is worth 10 Points
Diamond is worth 100 Points
Mine cart with gold is worth 1000 Points
Hitting one of the robbers with the falling dynamite is worth 5000 Point

If you reach the level 1 additional life

How to move around:
The game uses the accelerometer from the iPhone. Tilting the phone down in the position you want to move does the trick.
MinerMo is free to dig in any direction and to create shafts to free up the precious collectables.
Digging a mineshaft below the dynamite triggers the falling of the explosive.
The falling explosive will not hurt MinerMo, but will kill the robbers if hit during the fall. A new robber will appear at the start position of the level.

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