Minecraft Texture Maker

–Texture Maker for Minecraft Users–

Just to ensure: This app was the first Texture Maker-app for Minecraft!

Now with a few very nice new features:

- The 3D-view is back! You can now view almost all textures in 3D
- We made 80 models for you, so you can easily create a texture for a 3D-object.
- You have now the ability to edit ALL textures!
- (blocks, items, mobs, armor, art, gui, other)
- We can now include textures online! So you donĀ“t have to wait for an update.
- make an animation for every texture! (shows animation in 2D and 3D)
- have different resolutions of textures in one texture pack.
- improved search
- 1.5.* compatible!
- iPad-compatible!
- Landscape-mode for more place to paint!

other features:
- import a .zip-file with an URL
- send you your texture pack via mail
- tools:
- Paint
- Selection
- Eyedropper
- Rubber
- Noise
- Fill
- Move Selection
- Zoom
- Copy/Paste
- Line
- Last Colors
- saves your progress in the background
- undo/redo
- resolutions: 8×8, 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64 pixels
- 3 available saveslots for texture packs at the beginning (you can buy more slots)

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