MineCraft Pro

1. Guys, you don’t lose your membership if you purchased before! It uses same exact ID, and premium ones are grayed out and locked in standard version. Please go to blueprints and see for yourself, IF you dont have anything grayed out and locked – It means you have successful restored your purchase!
2. To properly restore, please wait for app to redirect you to Blueprints automatically, usually takes 2-3 seconds after you enter your password (please don’t tap anywhere to properly restore purchase)
!!! Try to restart the app and tap on grayed out blueprint, which should refresh it and unlock (thanks to users for this)
3. You actually control the CAMERA, not blueprint itself. Imagine you are using a xbox360/ps3 controllers’ sticks in a FPS game without gravity (freecam – you FLY around!), that’s exactly how camera is being controlled!
4. Old blueprints are located in Library -> Archive

1. General and Storytime are back
2. Old blueprints are back
3. 2D blueprints setting with different controls
4. Reduced sensitivity
5. Better grid
6. Better Restore function that works 100%
7. Better see if you have Premium or not
8. Added tutorial videos
9. More blueprints and categories! Pixel Art is back

Free for a limited time! Get it now!

MCPro has tons of 3D blueprints for you to better enjoy Minecraft;
Build impressive structures and enrich your world with interesting designs created by the community.
Also includes an entry point to all info for Minecraft, such as wiki, guides, servers, crafting, etc.
Previously known as Minecraft Pro.

Table of content:

– 3D blueprints with full camera control
(using joysticks: left side of screen – move; right side – rotate)
— Grid support (above/below blocks)
— Hiding lower layers to better see current layer
— Identify blocks, returns block/item name upon tapping
— Camera position reset to original
— Camera position height control

Includes following categories (more coming soon):
– Houses
– Divine
— Myths
— Legends
— Churches
— Cathedrals
– Infrastructure
— Public
— Municipal
– Fortifications
— Castles
— Arenas
— Towers
— Lighthouses
– More coming soon

– Front page (Minecraft Pro)
– Entry point to all guides, servers, forums, etc. for Minecraft

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