Mine Sweep

Mine Sweep
Created by Ulysses Zheng

Test your logic skills in this new and improved version of the classic game minesweeper. This version brings minesweeper to the iOS platform in the most convenient way without losing out on any of the old features.

[ ★ ]Smart Click Panel:
During game play, on the left side is a panel of buttons. Each button performs a different action; there is Normal Click and Quick Click, and the markers, Question Marks and Flags. This design will allow the player to quickly and accurately switch between the different buttons; the chances of miss clicks are slim.

[ ★ ]Quick Click
This invaluable feature, accompanied with the flag marker, cannot be left out of any minesweeper game, as it helps you complete the map much faster.

[ ★ ]Three different levels + A customizable level
Try to beat your personal bests in all three modes, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

[ ★ ]Global Rankings
While you try to beat your personal bests, you can also strive for the top in the Game Center leader boards.

[ ★ ]Offline tutorial
For beginners to the game, there is a tutorial with pictures to explain how to play the game.

[ ★ ]Safe First Touch
You will no longer have to scared that your first touch is a bomb.

[ ★ ]Second, Third and even Fourth Chances
As you complete more puzzles, you can buy lives, with the money earned, to continue clearing the minefield even after discovering a bomb.

[ ★ ]Automatic Saves
Your game will be saved and no progress will be lost.

[ ★ ]Absolutely Free
All these features are free and all game modes are available to EVERYBODY.

Hope you enjoy this game and share it with your friends.

Good Luck Clearing the Mines!