MindSweep Gold


Minesweeper is a puzzle game where the player attempts to clear a field of mines. This is done by opening squares, which can be blank, meaning no adjacent bombs, or labeled with the number of adjacent bombs, or they may contain a bomb. Opening a bomb square results in a lost game. The goal is to open all the non – bomb squares as fast as you can, with out touching the bombs.
Flags can be placed on bomb squares both to mark them for reference and to clear them, i.e., flagging all the bombs will lead to a win!

Good Luck!



3D graphics

Adjust board size, 6 x 6 to 20 x 20, and everything in between

Intuitive panning, zooming, scrolling and swiping interface

Game Center Leader Board

iPhone 5 Screen Support

Local High Scores

In the Pipeline for Next Update

Game Center Achievements!!!!

Facebook Integration

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