How good is your memory? Do you think its good enough to beat the game? I don’t think you got what it takes! Prove me wrong, try this mind-boggling memory game that uses the iPhone gestures as components for memory training. Each level in the story mode is constructed to teach you the basics at the same time as testing your memory with intense flashing sequences of symbols for you to memorize. 

When you know the drill you can try out your memory in “survival mode”. This is where it gets tricky. It’s not a question of if you fail, its only when. You get a score based on the number of right strokes and how long time you managed to stay in the game. Compare your score with your friends’. Find out who’s got the better memory.

If you have no friends you ask? Don’t worry! Just go online to challenge real life opponents via Game center.

Intuitive Challenging Addictive – a Mind Struggle

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