Beat Your Friends in this SUPER Addictive Turn Based Game!!

***** “Totally addictive!!”
Angela G. – January 10, 2013

***** “Awesome game! This is my new favorite game.”
Nina R. – December 26, 2012

***** “I love this game!!!!! I think I’ve become addicted to it.”
Luz E. – January 7, 2013

• Number 1 overall in Spain and Brazil
• Top 10 overall in Netherlands, Denmark and Norway +++
• Top 1 board game in almost all markets!

MindFeud is a social and mobile battle of wits! Your battleground? A board. And your ammunition? Multi-colored tiles with different symbols.

Challenge friends or strangers and take turns to grapple with the best formations of tiles to win the most points and claim victory.

Its simplicity will have you playing it in minutes but to help you become a true warrior at it, colorful and easy-to-follow in-game tutorials are included.

• Great colors and graphics
• Social board game, similar to WordFeud and Words with Friends
• The in-game robot ADAMA is ready to tackle you anytime
• Challenge your friends or complete strangers to see who’s better
• Real time game play
• Real time text chat with opponents
• Colorblind mode
• 2-player “Pass & Play” mode
• Push Notifications to keep you up to date on game changes, invitations and chat messages

Become a FAN of MindFeud on Facebook: http://facebook.com/mindfeud

Find Out More: http://mindfeud.net

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