Mind Sports 4 You

Mind Sports 4 You is offering you every day, 365 days a year, a new challenge for bridge, chess and draughts. It thus is a bridge-, chess- and draughtscalendar in one. The problems have been composed by top players in their respective sport. For example, Huub Bertens, many times bridge champion of the Netherlands, is closely involved in the bridge App.
The problems vary from easy to difficult, distinguished from each other by the number of stars attached to them. The easy problems get one star and the most difficult ones are marked by three stars. This way, you can enhance your own level of play at a cost of about 1 Eurocent a day. All problems are saved so you can have another look at them at any time. You can choose to save them as “solved’ or “unsolved.” You may also sort them by the number of stars or the publication date.

The exact Laws of bridge, chess and draughts can be found on the websites of their respective world federations:

Bridge: www.worldbridge.org
Chess: www.fide.com
Draughts: www.fmjd.org

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