Military Fighter Quiz – Do You Which Airplane This Is?

Think you can tell the difference between an F-15 and F-14? This fun quiz will test you so you can find out!

Military Fightet Jets Quiz is a simple game to help you learn over 300 military fighter aircraft. Test your knowledge in identifying military fighter airplanes from Boeing, Dassault, Grumman, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Sukhoi, and more.

This PRO version includes:

– Two game modes: 60 second timed game and 20 Questions
– Over 300 military fighter jet questions
– Features Military Jet Aircraft from WW-II thru Modern Day
– Study Guide – Flash Cards to Help you Score Higher
– Global Leaderboard – be world champion
– Achievements – earn medals and points for playing

The game is pretty simple: Either start with 60 seconds on the clock or play a 20 questions un-timed game. Each correct answer is worth 5 points on the first try, 3 on the second, 1 on the third, and 0 on the last try. When you’re done, save your score and share the results on Facebook.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy Military Fighter Jet Quiz and find it enjoyable and challenging. Be sure and leave a review in iTunes. Please email us at with any questions.

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