It is an action racing game of calf this “Minoko” is run.
Contains two games in this app.

1.”Catch”. Games I’ll catch the milk until the goal of 20.
2.”Take”. 10 games to take the milk using a wooden box.

Both of the two games, so try to remain in time and stamina.

How To Play

You can choose from the “joystick” and “accelerometer” method of operation.


This side ::: The deceleration (Brake)


Joystick on the left
Left ::: Will rotate to the left
Right ::: Will rotate to the right
Down ::: Go back

Joystick to the right
Up ::: Runs (Axel)
Down ::: The deceleration (Brake)

While rotating the joystick on the left, and brake,
Can be rotated without deceleration (Drift)

About a store

An item etc. can be purchased.
When you press, “BUY” button after selecting an item,
You may make a purchase.
By pressing the “RESTORE” button,
You can restore the items previously purchased.

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