Mighty Monsters – The Dawn Force Flight Of Dragon World

Here comes Mighty Monsters – The Dawn Force Flight Of Dragon World!

These rulers of the land are here for an unforgettable adventure! The volcanic yet scenic world is at danger as the evil bats and dark dragons threaten to take the land. All may seem well in the Kingdom but you must stop them before they change this! The colorful 2D graphics make the whole world seem vibrant in this side-scrolling, endless platformer for kids. Collect the coins as you soar through the sky as Seddrinth the Brave, Livjata the Hungry, Talath Lord of the Skies and more, the happy beasts who just want to protect the people of the mystical world! Unlock more dragons to play bigger and more colorful, spend hours exploring the open land and banishing the evil monsters that threaten it!

Beware of the big dragon boss “Shuvirth The Dark” who may take you by surprise at any time!

Press start to begin and start flying – fly forwards, upwards and downwards to collect the coins that give you access to brilliant upgrades. Tap to shoot raging fireballs from your mouth. As the game progresses, you will become faster so you will have to use your agility to dodge or to shoot the evil monsters that block your path! Pause the game at anytime during gameplay and share your score on Game Center.

Save the dragons, join the mighty monsters in Mighty Monsters – The Dawn Force Flight of Dragon World!

– Join the various dragons in their world
– Fend off the evil monsters that threaten your land!
– Collect coins through the endless 2D game!
– Buy coins through an in-app purchase
– Share score on Game Center
– Turn on Kids Mode for truly endless gameplay

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