Might and Card

Might and Card is a casual board game which is quite suitable to be played between family members or between friends, best for 2~4 players to compete at the same time.

Easy and Fun! People who have never played electronic games can easily learn how to play and enjoy it.
Invite your family members or friends to compete in the game. This game provides a chance for people to get together, to interact and communicate with each other face to face. It is really best for family members and friend gathering.

Player takes the role as a medieval monarch who dispatches trusted aides to explore and expend territory. The dispatched trusted aide plays different roles to capture or manage territory and to control ruins or monsters by various means so that to maximize player’s own strengths. Player who uses strategy more appropriately wins.

Game Features:
1、Controls: Just click screen to do all the operations.
2、Graphics: exquisite image that brings you back to the medieval age.
3、Perspectives: player can rotate the iPad to change perspective.
4、Music: medieval European music style.
5、Buildings: various buildings will provide interesting functions.
6、Extra package: will be released regularly which will include more buildings and more features.

Thanks for all your support!
We will develop more interesting games with your love and support in future.

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