Midnight Lite

This is the FREE version of Midnight 1424. This Lite version is ad-supported, only allows up to 3 players, and the winning score must be 4 or more. Buy the Full Version to play without any restrictions and experience the BEST LOOKING dice game on the iPhone!

Strange things happen when playing this popular pub game around midnight. Beware of your expectations and what you risk, because the odds mean nothing!

This addicting dice game has been called Forty-One, Midnight, and 1-4-24. No matter what you call it, it’s the ultimate king of underground gambling on bar counters worldwide today. So bury the hatchet, and enter Midnight 1424!

The greatest gambling game since the Poker craze, yet simpler and quicker than Poker!


– Addicting, easy, fun, simple, risk-based dice gameplay.
– Solid game mechanics and touch performance accuracy.
– Play against your own iPhone (CPU), or share your iPhone with up to 6 players (Full Version)
– Shake your device to roll (with accelerometer sensitivity settings).
– Realistic 3D graphics, animations and physics engine. Groundbreaking dice gameplay.
– Realistic and custom sound effects.
– Listen to your music in-game while you play.
– Retina display resolution.
– Pause/continue game.

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