mewow!? jigsaw for toddlers

Let your toddler learn visual contexts and recognize things and animals: mewow!? – a very first jigsaw (puzzle) like game for children*.

The app displays one large picture which actually only shows a half of something, and four smaller pictures, where one of them displays the other half of the large picture.

Your child recognizes and visualizes what the large picture shows, imagines the whole thing, and touches the correct small picture that displays the (missing) other half.

The free edition of mewow!? includes a set of 15 different pictures per category (animals and things). More than 250 additional pictures can be obtained through the iTunes InApp store.

Included categories are animals and things. Both categories have subcategories of colored and black/white cartoon like pictures.

This app is also suitable for people who ‘suffer’ from the Asperger Syndrom or another autistic ‘limitation’.

* Recommended age: 3+ or earlier, depending on the individual development

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