MewMew Tower

Rating: 4+

MewMew Tower is a game from TSUMINEKO Inc., originally released 25th December, 2008


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MewMew Tower First Look

Although we would hardly qualify ourselves as otaku, the fact remains that we can’t get enough of Japanese App Store esoterica. We just noticed a delightful-looking game called MewMew Tower that we think deserves your attention.

In this game (known as Tsumineko MewMew Tower in Japan), you pluck cats out of a hot air balloon’s basket and stack them on top of one another, building your Mew Mew Tower as high as you can. There are all shapes and sizes of cats, from lithe calicos to big fat Garfieldesque tabby cats. Naturally, the higher your tower grows, the more wobbly it gets, especially if you haven’t done a careful stacking job–but you can counteract the instability by tilting your iDevice.

If you’ve ever played DChoc’s Tower Bloxx on Flash, Facebook or mobile, the $1.99 MewMew Tower looks as though it could be right up your alley(cat).