Meteor Drone

In the distant future 2045, Planet Earth was being threatened by a sudden increase of meteor showers bringing darkness onto our planet.

We called upon our galactic friends 50 million light years away for help. They agreed to provide 3 UFO Drones equipped with special rays that destroy all source of meteor rocks, under the agreement that we are in control and will have to operate the drones from Earth.

The object of the game is that you are in control of the ship. Destroy as many meteor rocks as possible to help bring daylight back on Earth.

You will see the changes in levels 1 to 4 as long as all three ships are not destroyed within 40 minutes into the game.

The meteor shower started at night and its up to you to bring daylight back to earth.
Look out for the shooting stars, they are silent destroyers, a supernova explosion caused the stars to lose their gravitational potential energy and formed powerful forces of destruction that descends to earth.

Destroy as much rocks and stars as possible to gain points. This is the light version and is free. A paid version is in the works with lots of levels and exciting fun features. Good luck and have fun …

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