Metcha always with you

*****Update Infomation******
I corresponding to the iCloud.
From this version, the corresponding version of iOS 4.3 or later become

★Bonus Points 5000p for you! Celebrating the new updates for the in-app stores! Once updated update you will receive 5000p. Enjoy shopping with your prize!

★Buy furniture and rooms from the in-app stores! Check the “Interior” menu for purchasing furniture’s

★Additional 11 New types of food!

★”Caring Points” can now be purchased through the in-app store.
※Watch out for little kids who may accidentally purchase products in the in-app stores. You can also avoid this by turning off the In-app purchase function on your iPhone.

★Whenever Metcha is hungry or wanting to take a bath, he will send you notifications! Notifications can be turned off on your iPhone.

We are planning to add more additional interiors and food in the coming updates, so make sure you don’t miss it!

*****Application Summary******
Relax and check this cute little black cat “Metcha”.

Play with Metcha in his room, call him by double tapping the screen.
Go out for a walk! Meet new friends!
When he’s hungry he’s not in the mood for a walk , so feed him some food and take him a bath.
Metcha sleeps at night just like you do.
You can set the time when Metcha wakes in the morning and sleeps at night. So let Metcha adjust his schedule to you.

【Caring Points】
Every time you take a good care of Metcha , you receive “Caring Points”.
Save the points to buy him some special meal and dress his room up with new interior♪
If you see a “lucky fish” flying by during a walk, tap him! You will get extra bonus points!
※You can only receive up to 1000points a day

Metcha loves to give presents!
By taking a good care of Metcha everyday, Metcha will give you special wallpapers and photo frames just for you.
Collect new frames to take photos, set them as wallpapers for your iPhone’s.
You even get seasonal presents, so try collecting them all!

【Downloading the Data】
During the initial setup many photo data’s have to be downloaded. Therefore we recommend using Wi-Fi instead of the 3G network. In case you close the application during the downloading process, the next time you load the application, the download will proceed with the remaining data.

Planning & Development: Potesuto Co., Ltd.
Original Work & Design: Sakaimiru & Milart
3DCG: Potesuto Co., Ltd.
Music: Yoshitada Miyagawa
English Translation: Azusa Yoshimaru, Chie Nakamura
Provided by: Small-Lamp

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