Its Hip To Be Square

Match wits with the computer in a battle to capture the most squares on the board. Take turns placing pieces on the board while trying to get all 4 corners of a square.

Squares can be formed at any angle and are worth more points the bigger they are. Beat the computer by scoring 150 points first and having at least a 15 point margin of victory.

As you win a level, you will progress to the next level and the computer will get stronger and stronger. Also features a game mode for playing with your friends on one device.

If you like games like checkers, chess, Go, Othello or other contests of wits, download MetaSquares today.


Macenstein: “MetaSquares is the iPhone’s Tetris”

Finger Gaming: “Seriously, I had no idea that I would find this game so much fun, but I really do. I’ve found myself coming back to it time and time again.”

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Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming picture distortion app, Making Faces, coming soon to the app store.

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