Metal Sky

“It’s tension building, tank battling mayhem!”

Use over 20 different weapons to destroy your enemies before they destroy you! Gain experience and upgrade your tank to gain access to more powerful weapons. Bury your enemy with a dirt bomb, blow her away with a nuke or leave him in a pit with a well shot gravedigger!

Do you have the right strategy to defeat your friends and rise to Level 20 !?

Feature List:
- Touch and drag interface makes shooting fun and simple!
- Use 20 different weapons to blast your enemy apart!
- Play on randomly created terrain makes every match different!
- Battle your friends online to see who is the best!
- Learn to use shields and move on the battlefield to protect and reposition your tank!
- Fight intelligent computer tanks to level up your tank and get added bonuses!
- Play Now mode gets you into the action fast!
- Face different tank models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses!

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