Metal Rain Lite

Fly an Apache helicopter on an escort mission to your base.
Protect your tanks from enemy tank fire.

* Beware of missile turrets that fire seeking missiles.

The best option to survive is to keep moving!

This game offers rich, realistic scenery and hours of fun game play.

* The controls page allows you to practice flying and shooting before you start your mission.

* Full version contains a wide variety of landscapes with 6 different missions.
Each mission requires different tactics to complete;
Some missions are quick and reasonably easy; others take a lot more dedication.

Use bombs, missiles or your machine gun to destroy enemy targets.

* Full version enemies include: tanks, missile turrets, anti aircraft guns, submarines, ships, missile trucks and watchtowers.

* Missiles do the most damage, then bombs, then your machine-gun.

**Try the full version – Available on the AppStore –

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