MessyZoo Premium

Great time Cute animals~!!!
Simple and easy Tapping Tapping Tapping Play

** Story **
In the middle of the night in a quiet zoo…
While most of the animals were sleep, some beasts escaped from their closures.
The animals who were left in the zoo decided to help the zoo keepers to catch those runaways.

** Feature **
▷ Puzzle game with simple tapping.
▷ Various missions in the Story Mode.
▷ Catch just bosses in Time attach mode
▷ Make combos in Time attack mode
▷ Various items

** FAQ **

1.How to play it.
Tap 2 or more blocks of the same color.

2.How to make combos.
When you remove blocks in 1.0sec you can make combos.

3.How to know the beasts.
The beasts has black aurora on them. And they will attack blocks if you don’t remove them.

4.How to remove the beasts.
If you remove the small beasts, you need ‘1 ZOO KEEPER’, what is one the bottom left.
The boss beasts need ‘3 ZOO KEEPERS’.

5.How to get the zoo keeper.
Whenever you remove blocks, you can get a zoo keeper. It places the scene on the bottom left.

6.How to get OZ.
You can buy the OZ at an ‘ITEM SHOP’ in the game. Or you can get the OZ every 60 combos in the ‘TIME ATTACH MODE’.

7.How to equip items.
When you go to ‘MY ROOM’ in the ‘ITEM SHOP’.

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