Merlin’s Rage

“Four Stars! Plenty of fun!” Gamezebo
“Merlin’s Rage is a surprisingly good game.” Inside Social Games

Slay dragons and ogres in this epic Match-3 RPG Puzzler! Avenge King Arthur’s murder, build an army of monsters, and save Camelot!


*** Capture and evolve more than 150 Dragons, Ogres, and other terrifying beasts.
*** Explore more than 100 dungeons with more coming soon.
*** First-in-class PVP puzzle battles!
*** Master deep Match 3 gameplay that rewards brains with brawn.
*** Create massive combos to unleash devastating damage on your enemies.
*** Partner with friends to form powerful alliances.
*** Experience gorgeous graphics and beautiful Arthurian adventure music.
*** Play more to win more and claim huge daily bonuses.
*** Log in with Facebook to receive Rare characters.

Like Merlin’s Rage to receive extra rewards:

Renren Game USA Inc.

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