Mercy Royal

★★★ "Mercy Royal" is an indie adventure game, with a twist. ★★★

Attention: If you're using an iPad with a retina display (iPad 3 or 4), then the game is basically unplayable. I'm working on a fix, it's coming soon! Sorry!

If you have an iPad 1 or 2, then the game should run fine.

In 1814, mental health institutes in England were renown for being representative of the worst excesses of asylums. Torture and cruelty were typical, as was disease and death. Patients were not sent there to be cured, they were sent there to be forgotten.

You play as Virgil Longfellow, a writer, who has be unceremoniously thrown into Mercy Royal Hospital. Now you must try to escape, before you become insane yourself.

✓ Fully explorable asylum filled with patients to help you escape
✓ "Point and click" adventure mechanics
✓ A thought-provoking experience
✓ Original artwork
✓ Controls and UI built for touch screens
✓ Replayability
✓ Autosaving
✓ Haunting ambient soundtrack
✓ A few secrets…

"Mercy Royal is a strange, dark, interactive satire by two of the talented students from the USC Games program. It was great to see this game come together in the class I teach with Peter Brinson, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the world reacts to it!"
-Richard Lemarchand, lead game designer of the Uncharted series

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