Meow planet’s ambition

Unique action game. Completely rely on gestures to control, simple and straightforward.
Multiplayer game supports up to 3 people, looking for friends to Raiders the challenging BOSS.
A lot of rewards waiting for you to collect, build the most powerful warrior team.

Game tips:
The gamers who control the vanguard cat is responsible for selecting combat zone.
If you want to find other players to Raiders the specify area, first select the specify area in the selection area page, and then click the option in the upper right corner, and select the gamers number. Start battle will look for other players to build a team.

The vanguard cat is good at defense, has strong anti-strike capability, and additional defense bonus in defensive mode.
The center cat is good at charge attack, need extra protection.
The rearguard cat is good at long-range attack, has a steady damage output.

If an area is temporarily unable to Raiders, select some simple battle area and collect more material to enchant weapons will make fighting easier.

If you are interested, you can also play other games developed by our studio: Foods War, Witch’s counter-attack.

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