Memory Training Game for Kids

What’s fun, educational, and down right addictive at the same time? Memory Games, that’s what!

Memory Training Game for Kids is the ultimate way to improve concerntration, improve short term memory, and encourage greater hand-eye coordination in your children.

##How to Play

Choose a theme, select your skill level, and one by one reveal the flipped over icons and make a pair – but hurry! because you’re racing the clock! Take too long and you could find yourself in a worse off position than when you started!

At the end of it all, your reactions are faster, youíre more alert, and youíve trained your brain in ways you never thought you could and had a whole bunch of fun along the way.

* Child friendly interface – just pick a level and choose how hard you want the game!
* Nearly 150 different characters
* 6 levels of robots, warriors, spacemen, dolls and monsters!
* Race the clock – kids will be challenged by racing the clock – actively helping them learn and teaching them new ways to identify objects quickly
* Improves hand-eye coordination
* Increases short term memory
* Daily Bonus’ keep you coming back and playing for free

Try it now for free!

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