Memory Matters

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Welcome to Memory Matters. We have decided to bring all of the exciting fun from Memory Matters Pro (iPhone) and brought it to you as a universal application. That’s right! You can now enjoy Memory Matters on all of your iOS devices.

Memory Matters is the randomly generated and incredibly addictive iOS memory game. Try to memorize a sequence of colours before time runs out and then reproduce the sequence to from your memory.

Memory Matters will train your brain and will increase your focus, memory, and hand-eye coordination.

This edition includes over 28 quintillion (that’s right 28,430,290,850,000,000,000) levels from four difficulties.

Memory Matters was proudly made in Canada by one guy (thats me)! Design, coding, graphics, audio, etc. were all completely made and implemented by myself.

Find out more at
Developed by Colton Hathaway (

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